These things should be done by every cat owner whose pet is already 7 years old

If you a responsible cat owner, you should become more attentive to the needs of your pet once she is 7 years old. This is so since 7 years for cats is already senile age. Of course, cats are not people and they can’t express their changing needs and new feeling to you. That is why you should take particular care of your pet.

Here are the things you should do in particular if your cat has already reached the age of onset.

Be attentive to the sleeping cycle of your pet

It is normal to sleep between 15 and 20 hours in the case of young cats who are highly active during the day and thus, need a lot of time to restore the energy. Elder cats are not thus active and, as a result, their sleeping time is gradually decreasing. In addition to it, cats become rather sensitive to sounds and they can be awakened easily.

Experts recommend to be very careful with the sleep of your cat and not bother the pet while she is having a rest. Make sure the place is appropriate for sleeping, it is neither cold nor wet.

It is crucial to pay attention to all of the drastic changes in the sleeping cycle of your cat. Note that excessive sleeping as well as insomnia can be an indication of some health condition your pet is developing, therefore, you should take your cat to a vet for a proper check-up. Some of the diseases affecting a sleeping cycle are hyperthyroidism, arthritis and cognitive dysfunction.

Physical activity

As I have just mentioned, cats above the age of 7 years tend to be less active. You will see your pet not being interested in running around chasing toy. The cat will prefer lying and resting. Yet, it does not mean your pet does not need any physical activity. It is highly suggested to get your cat engaged into movement and not let her be inactive as it can have a negative influence on the animal’s health leading her to developing obesity and weakening joints, bones and muscles.

Providing you have noticed some drastic changes in the behaviour of your cat, such as, for example a dramatic loss of interest in you even though your cat used to enjoy spending time together, it might indicate a cognitive disorder.

In order to keep your cat active, it is recommended to invite your pet to play with new toys which can make your pet interested in it. You can also take your cat outdoors where she will have more opportunities for having an active time. Still, you should not let an old cat to go outside all alone since in case of any conflicts with other animals, she might not have enough strength and energy to escape.

Behavioural patterns

With aging, cats tend to become more attached to their owners. They might feel rather confused and disoriented and feel an urge to spend more time with their owners who can help them to feel safe and calm down. Such a behaviour is absolutely normal for cats older than 7 years. Still, you should be very careful since some cats develop adverse behavioural patterns which are making them behave in an untypically aggressive way with their owners. Such a behaviour as well as new habits such as sleeping in untypical places in the flat as well as getting lost at home can be symptoms of your cat developing dementia.

As a cat owner, you are supposed to note all of the unusual behaviour, provide your cat with the attention she needs and report all of the changes to the vet.

Keep a track of the cat’s weight

As you now know, cats above the age of 7 years can be prone to putting on extra weight since they become less active. For that reason, vets do not recommend to indulge your pet by constnt feeding with some tasty treats which can gradually make your cat obese.

Still, such a pattern is true for the majority of cats between the age of 7 and 10 years. Afterwards, they develop an adverse pattern and can start losing weight. This is usually a result of a poor metabolism which does not allow the crucial substances present in the food to be absorbed by the body of a senile animal properly.

You should be particularly attentive to the weight changes in your pet since in many cases it might not be thus obvious. This can be especially difficult if your cat has long fur.

Certainly, it is recommended to check the weight of your cat regularly as only in such a way you will be able to understand what is going on with the animal. Be4 careful about her diet and do reduce the amount of various treats high in calories. The best choice for senile cats is food rich in easily digestible proteins which are present for example in poultry. You can also add special food for senile cats which contains all the vitamins required by animals of that age. Do not feed the pet with excessive amount of food.

Do not forget about supplying your cat with a sufficient amount of clean water.

Pay attention to the condition of nails, teeth and fur of your cat as well.