Wearable Technology Devices

Over the years, new kind of technology hit the market like wearable technologies. These technologies have been around for few years. Most noticeable ones are the Apple Watch and Android wear operating system watches. Major tech in the world of mobile tech has already loved this technology and made it their regular used technology.

Typical features of wearable devices

Wearable devices have number of different features from the other mobile devices. These are the following:

  • incredibly small comparing to smartphone;
  • tiny interfaces, typically less than 2 inches;
  • light-weight operating system to perform small set of functions of general purpose mobile device operating systems;
  • limited hardware capabilities;
  • able to pair with other devices like a smart phone for instance.

Smart watches

Typically, a smartphone is useless without it being in your grab. Getting it out of the pocket every time you need it for typical task can get quite annoying if it is thus frequent. In such case, a smart watch is there to shine the light on you.

With smart watches, you are able to perform typical tasks like dealing with notifications, time, message, weather and media controlling as well as fitness tracking.

Fitness monitor

There are number of fitness monitor that is out there who aims to help your out to meet your fitness goals. Most common features across fitness trackers are counting your steps with accelerometers, registering your heart rate with sensors, uses Global Positioning system (GPS) network to track your exercise and provide your with tools to remind you to get up and move.

Most fitness monitor comes in two common form factor: fobs, which clip to your body and other one, the sophisticated one, Wristbands. Fobs generally do more than just counting steps. Wristbands provide a wealth of features which includes a GPS, Heart Rate monitoring system.

VR/AR Headsets

These futuristic headsets offer variety of wearable technologies. Headsets come in bunch of variations. The most common ones are not at all computing devices but general purpose headset like for chatting over game or hanging out with bunch of people or meeting online etc.

As for the computing devices, there are two kind of headsets, a virtual reality (VR) headset and another one is augmented reality (AR). VR headsets are designed to transport you into a virtual three-dimensional world. With the high-end systems and a VR you can have astounding experience from the comfort of your home.

Then there is the Augmented Reality (AR) headsets which gives you the experience of what you see and hear. AR not necessarily takes you into the three dimensional artificial world but can add mind-blowing details to your physical input devices. An ideal example would be the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA. They have an app called IKEA which allows to see how a furniture would look in a physical space. You point the camera where you want to see the furniture and based on the calculation of the physical place, the furniture will be placed and be displayed via AR on the smartphone.