These habits do not let you be happy here and now

Everyone wants to be happy and doing one’s best to achieve this mysterious state. Still, no matter how hard we are trying to become happy, only a very small number of people is successful in this life challenge.

It turns out that one of the things which does not allow us to feel the fulfillment is the expectation of becoming happy, whereas happiness can only be felt here and now. Certainly, happiness depends on a variety of factors, however, there is an entire range of habits which will certainly not contribute to your happiness. In this article, you will find some of them. Get rid of these habits and you will definitely feel yourself better right now.

Stop collecting unnecessary things at home

For many reasons people tend to collect various things at home. It does not seem to be a problem, albeit, a great number of things we are owning are not used at all. This problem has several dimensions.

First of all, there are people who already have a lot of possessions which might have belonged to someone else before coming into the lives of these individuals. For others, an excessive number of things came with compulsive shopping which sometimes is an obvious act of shopping frenzy whereas in others is disguised as a rational approach to get as many items which you may use in the future for a smaller price during a sale. Certainly, there are also people who have already collected their own variety of possessions and are now not ready to get rid of it even though there is no need in storing it anymore.

Keeping things which you do not needs at home just in case they might be needed at some point or because you have paid for them is never a good idea. The more things you possess, the larger space they are stealing from you. An excessive amount of possessions makes it rather difficult to keep track of them and navigate your collections making you even purchase some of the items you already own because you have simply forgotten about them. No matter how much you want to prepare for a rainy day, it is very difficult to do it with an overstaffed house.

Make your home a place where you have only the things which you certainly use and which bring you happiness. In such a way, you will have a better organised life and safe a lot of time on cleaning and revision of your storages. If you really want to store something at home, it is better to store money itself.

Do not keep the best things for a very special case

Many people have an approach of using the worst items of their possessions such as clothes, perfume, cosmetics, delicious or simply fresh food as well as other things on a regular basis and keeping the best possessions for a very special day. Of course, there is a logic sense in it since the best things are in many cases the most expensive and you do not want to wear them out or use and entire bottle of a rather pricey perfume.

Still, you should understand that life is normally based on regular days. Special occasions happen only in special cases which might not take place even throughout an entire year. It is better to let yourself feel the happiness of using your favourite things in a daily life because no one knows when such special occasions will happen in your life whereas the life itself is getting passing filled with unloved things.

Be aware of the fact some items will simply get spoilt if you keep them too long. Unlike a popular belief, even expensive perfume might get spoilt changing its smell or simply losing it. Certainly, it is particularly true about the delicious food.

If you happen to own things which you are afraid to lose because you love them so much, there is no need to hide them as you are hiding them from yourself in the first place.

Stop worrying about the opinions of others

Of course, this recommendation is not about violation of social norms. It concerns people who are not letting themselves be themselves in order to live up to the expectations of others. This is one of the worst things you can do to yourself and, at the same time, it is rather difficult to get rid from such a behavioural pattern especially if you have been hearing about the importance of the impression made on others since childhood.

Whether it is your style of clothes which others find extraordinary, a job which you are not supposed to do according to the believes of others, your partner or your lifestyle, you should not be concerned about it as long as it does not bring any threat to other people.

Remember, even if you do your best to live up to the expectations of others, you will never do it, since everyone has their own opinion. People might not like your style in dressing up, but they still will give you different recommendations some of which might be absolutely opposite. There is no point in trying to manage all of the valuable pieces of advice. Just be yourself and live the life the way is making you happy.