Mixed signals and what you can do about them

Are you confused about the behaviour of your partner? Do you feel like he or she are saying one things, however, in the reality they are doing absolutely adverse things? How should you interpret such a behaviour?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to find the reasons of giving your partner mixed signals which will fit all of the situations. For different people, mixed signals can be an indication of an absolutely different condition. That is why you should not rush to conclusions and should try to understand another person first, of course, if only your feelings for your partner are strong and you want to go over the misunderstandings rather than walk up on this person. In this article, you will find more information about this topic which can be quite useful.

What are exactly mixed signals?

Mixed signals are any kind of behaviour of your partner which is not in line with his or her words. For instance, the person is telling you how much he or she is missing you and wants to spend time together, however, instead of doing so, the one prefers to meet his or her friends. Here are more popular examples of a person sending mixed messages.

The person is not calling you a partner

You have been seeing each other for some time, spending time together, so you have already told to your family and friends about this person, however, your partner behaves on public as if you were not a couple. It might happen that your partner might even call you one’s friend in front of other people rather than a partner.

Such a partner can even literally be hiding you from its relatives and friends even though he or she regards your relationship serious.

The person is keeping on flirting with other people or have a regular contact with previous partners

The situation can be even worse if your partner is continuing flirting with other people or have an account on dating websites while actually calling you a couple. You know you are having a relationship but you can’t understand it.

Emotional swings

The behaviour of your partner is constantly changing in a rather dramatic way. One day, you are enjoying an amazing romantic evening only to find your partner rather cold and detached the next day. Furthermore, you might even not be able to find him or her for some time at all.

The person is planning your future and still is not taking any real actions

Your partner might be very interested in having future with you. Whether these are plans for a wedding, having a child or just spending vacations together, this person is only planning this thing without doing absolutely anything in order to make it real.

The person is promising you to change something in oneself for you, however, the one is not even trying to do it

In this case, we are not speaking about changing one’s personality, it is more about regular things which partners can actually expect from each other. For example, spending too much time on video games, swearing, smoking or neglecting one’s health.

What should you think about such a behaviour?

Unfortunately, interpreting mixed signals can be really tricky and it will certainly cost you a lot if you really want to understand what makes your partner behave like this. The possibilities are varying from a really bad situation in which your partner either not interested in you or wants to manipulate you to the situations in which a person feels insecure and vulnerable because of having feelings for you and subconsciously is trying to push you away even though he or she really wants to be with you.

Do not forget about simple modesty which many people have. This can make them feel really uncomfortable showing their feelings openly in front of public.

What can you do in such a situation?

If you want to resolve this problem, the only possible way to do anything about that is talking your partner about your feelings. It is quite possible that you will not get any straight answer to your questions, yet, it will still be enough for you to understand what he or she thinks in all likelihood.

Just try to have a calm conversation without rushing to any conclusions. Try to put your thoughts and feelings in a way that you will not be blaming your significant other. All of the sentences start we “I” and “me” not telling the one that it’s him or her is making you feel like that.

Be very careful and attentive while listening to another person. It might happen that he or she will be willing to speak and will explain you one’s behaviour. This is a positive sign indicating that your partner is also willing to discuss the problems and not just avoid them.

Still, the reaction might be opposite and your partner might start blaming you or telling you that you have made everything up. This is a very bad sign telling you that this person might be prone to abusing one’s partner psychologically.