How can you take care of your brain?

If you are looking for the ways to make the most of your brain, you are in the right place. In fact, no one is born smart and even if there are some absolutely exceptional cases of unhuman brilliancy, it can still be lost of a person is not taking proper care of one’s brain. Yet, how can it be done?

There is a variety of practices you can include into your daily routine which will help you to use the full potential of your brain. Some of them are probably less obvious, so you should pay particular attention to them. Let’s see the ones everyone can perform.

Healthy Diet

It may come as a surprise that we are talking about food and nutrition and not some exercises like playing chess, sudoku, puzzles and such stuff.

Well, boosting memory and staying sharp at what you do relies heavily on what you eat. If you eat a lot of junk food and just randomly order food from outside without thinking about the long term consequences that can bring havoc, if often gone unnoticed until one eventually face the consequences. These fatty salty sugary “let’s just order some food” diet significantly reduce your brain power since the nutritional value of such food works that way. Having a diet high in leafy, green vegetables, nuts, fish, healthy oils like coconut and olive oil can significantly help your brain’s health to grow and get better. Not only does it help your brain to grow but also help sward off diseases such serious and debilitating neurological conditions as Alzheimer’s disease.

Challenging yourself

If you have fear of height called acrophobia, fear of spider called, arachnophobia, try dealing with them. Find some way to encounter and deal with your horrors and this can significantly boost your brain’s health and mental power over the course of time putting yourself under such mental pressure. There is a thing we all have inside our brain called neuroplasticity. Basically, this is something that can stretch and grow to accommodate any new information that is coming in.

Yet, this does not happen right away but over the period of practice sessions. Only in such a way, you can extend your neuroplasticity factor of your brain. You can try remembering words each day. Taking on a new language can help as well. There are also another challenge you can take on such as remembering difficult names which are too long and sound alien to you.

Taking a walk with your good friend

These points may seem so trivial that people may find it as a shocker that how does this trivial mundane events can contribute to your memory and brain’s health? While this may sound so plane, it actually plays a great role in the growth of your mental health.

Still, the catch is choosing a friend that absolutely clicks with your world and has a lot in common. Talking about various stuff that builds up the momentum and goes deep over time, while taking a good walk outside in the nature can help you to make space for new information to come in. This can also give you a whole new perception of the world depending on the topics and how deep the conversation goes.

Also, the contrary is true. A walk with a toxic friend can become detrimental for your mental health. Rather than opening up, your brain may start to subconsciously close off from the friends that gives your brain the good vibe.

Walking alone

Although we have just talked about walking with a friend, even walking alone once in a while can shift your perspective and can expose you to becoming more reflexive. Taking a break from all your day-to-day chores, business tasks, clients and even from family, friends and everybody in general, can help you to make a room for new perception to settle in. This fact of sticking with yourself and grounding while you are taking a walk outside alone can help you and your brain in lot more way than a written context can express.

While these are the points that you can experiment with, there are of course a way more useful things you can do. Still, considering and implementing these points can bring a noticeable change over time.

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  1. Oh yes! Good diet rich in omega3 and omega 6 oils is like a gas for our brain. I also like joga for relaxing my mind and my body.

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