Are people born genius?

There are lot of people that make us wonder about their personality, intelligence and witty moves that they took throughout the history or even about the way they are making history while we are watching them and admiring their ingenuity. Be it a scientist, artist, politician or a person of any profession, we often wonder how are they doing it? What are they doing that give them an edge over others? Is it really the question of having high IQ or is there something else?

The intellectual abilities of a person

Actually, this is not just about having high IQ but it also goes along with other mental training which includes the practices capable of boosting IQ up a notch. Human typically use 5% of their brain and rest of the part, fortunately, can be increased over time. A right frame of mindset and effective training can certainly give you that sharpness that will definitely contribute to the smartness. This smarty trait is combined with various other factors. They are typically, but not limited to, active and conscience decision making skills, a quicker ability to recall something from the memory, a skill to store vast amounts of information, agility of mind and other considerable factors that contribute equally to the smarty traits of oneself.

Taking care of your brain

Nobody is born genius, only if there is such an exceptional case, rather it is a matter of building up and stretching the brain power to the next level as one grows over the years. Furthermore, unlike a popular belief, it is possible to keep on developing brain abilities through the entire life and practising one’s brain in the senile age will actually prolong the effective cognitive performance of a person. There are some exercises available freely to all of us that can give an edge if practiced regularly or frequently.

In fact, in order to have powerful brain, you should take care of this essential organ of your body in the same way you are taking care of other parts of your body. Moreover, this process includes the procedures typically performed for your entire body such as having a sufficient night sleep, a healthy diet as well as regular physical activity.

Although such a popular form of brain training as various intellectual games will not necessarily turn you into a superhuman, you will be able to keep your brain active and efficient for a prolonged time. Any activity making your brain work has such a power. This is one of the major reasons why many elder people are still very sharp if they continue working in their advanced age.

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  1. It cannot be denied that a genius has to be born, but further education is also of great importance

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