What should you do first if you have just started working remotely?

Working remotely is a lucrative form of occupation even though it has a range of challenges. It can be particularly stressful if you have just started working in a new company and your very first day at work is actually happening at home.

Fortunately, there are several recommendations which will help you to prepare for this day and minimise any feeling of anxiety at a new workplace. This article will provide you with such tips, so be careful while going through them.

Learn all of the necessary things about the organisation of a working day at your company beforehand

Even though at first glance, everything might seem pretty simple, in the reality, there might be a lot of small things you do not know about the organisation of the working day at your new work place which might lead to some problems. You certainly do not want them, that is why you should learn all of the crucial information about the planning of work at your new workplace beforehand.

First of all, make sure you know the time when you are supposed to be available and whether there is a demand to be constantly available while you are at work. Learn exactly whether there is a lunch break at your new work place. You might also need information about the organisation of various meetings and conferences at work.

It is extremely important to find out whether you are allowed to contact your co-workers during their private time. You will also need information about the possibility of receiving mail from your co-workers after the official working hours. Make sure you are aware of the rules of the company regarding these issues, otherwise you might get into a situation in which your relations with co-workers will deteriorate because you will be contacting them during the time when you are not supposed to or will not be checking some important messages sent to you after your working day is over. Note that the rules for such things are different in different companies.

Where can you get such information?

The best way to find the answers to the questions mentioned above is to contact your HR-specialist or the boss directly. It is better to do it right away in order to be prepared for the first day at work. You certainly do not want to get a video call from your employee while you are still sleeping.

Introduce yourself to your co-workers

As you can imagine, the very first contact with other employees based completely on digital communication is pretty specific. Still, even though you do not have a chance to see these people right away, it will be a great idea to introduce yourself to them. You do not have to write walls of text to them, however, it will be helpful if you mention your previous work experience and your hobbies putting it into a couple of sentences.

It is highly recommended to use your real photo as well as the name and surname on the messenger your company is using. It will be helpful to have the same photo on all of the services your company is using. Choose the photo on which your face can be seen very well. This is needed to make it easier for your co-workers to remember you and your role in the company.

Make sure, you know how to contact your co-workers

Even though there might be a group chat and a messenger used by all of the staff at your new work, you should be aware of some personal preferences of particular co-workers. It is better to ask people how they would prefer to receive your messages. For instance, some people might be willing to get messages on their email address rather than their messenger.

Learn the roles of your co-workers

Needless to say, your work will be a way easier if you know whom you need to contact in case of any questions. In order to get such information, you can ask one of the co-workers to tell you more about the responsibilities of the people with whom you will be dealing more frequently, so that you know whom to ask about information and not waste time on the search of a right person.

Ask your co-workers and managers for feedback

Feedback might seem a natural part of communication at work, however, remote workers frequently get into a situation when their employees forget to give them any information about the work these employees have done.

It will be useful to contact the boss once in a while and ask him or her about the quality of your work and any suggestions for improving this work. Yet, do not ask for such information too frequently as this might make you look like a person lacking confidence.

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