Washing tips: a proper way to wash your jeans and white clothes

A proper way of washing clothes will not only make it clean, but will also not be too harsh for it. This is certainly important if you want your favourite pieces of clothes to serve you as long as possible.

In this article, you will find recommendations for washing white clothes and jeans.

How should you wash jeans efficiently?

One of the most popular problems regarding washing jeans is the tendency of this garment to lose its colour. In some cases, jeans are especially prone to losing it fast which can make them looking worn-out after a couple of cycles of washing. Of course, there is also a chance the colourant used for dying your jeans will colour other things as well.

In order to avoid such situations, it is recommended to put your jeans into water with salt inside out and keep the garment like this for twelve hours before you actually wash it in a washing machine. Washing jeans in the washing machine should also be inside out, otherwise you are risking to lose the colour of the fabric.

Even though jeans are a type of trousers which means they might require more intense washing, it is still recommended to do it exclusively with delicate washing products. In addition to it, it is not recommended to wash your jeans frequently just for the sake of refreshing them.

It will be better to wash your jeans in the temperature below 30 degrees, and in some extreme situations never wash them in the temperature over 40 degrees.

Another recommendation related to washing jeans which is actually not thus obvious is not using a too intensive spin cycle which can destroy the fabric. In order to avoid deformation of your jeans, you should dry it in a horizontal position or hang them upside down.

Furthermore, many people are not particularly careful while ironing jeans since this type of clothes as a rule seems to be pretty thick and resistant to mechanical damages. In the reality, ironing of jeans should be made inside out with the use of a low temperature.

Washing white clothes

White clothes is particularly demanding and has somewhat different requirements than other clothes.

While it is generally recommended to wash your clothes as rarely as possible in order not to damage it unnecessarily, it is not the same for white clothes. In this case, you should wash your clothes ideally after putting it on. Surely, you should not wear it more than three times before washing. This is important since white clothes tends to become dirty merely because of the contact with a body, so the longer you are wearing it, the dirtier it becomes. This is especially true for white shirts and T-shirts.

As you can imagine, white clothes should be washed separately from all other clothes.

It is crucial to understand that the frequent usage of bleach can destroy your clothes as it is rather damaging for the fabric. A better way to make your white clothes whiter without using any harsh substances is by adding a spoonful of baking soda to the washing powder you are using and wash the clothes setting the temperature to 60 degrees. Make sure the particular garments you are going to wash can actually be washed in such a high temperature.