Simple rules which will help you to keep a good condition of your favourite clothes

Clothes is made of different materials which has different quality. Some of the textile products are featured with a rather poor quality which makes them get worn out rather fast. Others are featured by an exceptional quality making it possible for you to wear them regularly for years.

Even though the initial quality of the materials determines the maximum lifecycle of clothes, there are still many factors which can decrease the time during which you could use your clothes. In this article you will find several simple tips on taking care of your clothes to keep it wearable for as long as possible.

The factors making clothes wear out other than their initial quality

Actually, clothes is exposed to a variety of harsh factors which are constantly damaging it. No matter what is the material used for the production of a particular piece of clothes, it will still be prone to deforming during the process of washing.

Furthermore, the chemical substances used for washing such as powders, liquids and especially the products for whitening can damage the fibre of textile sooner or later. This can also cause the deformation of the entire garment as well as making it less resistant to stretching. As a result, clothes becomes prone to develop holes or can be easily torn.

Certainly, you should not forget about the detrimental effect of high temperatures which are used for ironing your clothes.

Store your clothes in a proper way

While many people are aware of the importance of using gentle washing products for their clothes as well as delicate mode of a washing machine and a low temperature, not everyone is particularly careful about the way the clothes is stored in our wardrobes in the first place. This is also very crucial since in the majority of cases clothes becomes deformed a way earlier prior to the moment when it develops holes. Unfortunately, some deformations can make it impossible to use a piece of clothes anymore.

Undeniably, you are aware of the fact there are two major ways of storing your clothes. The first one is hanging it on a hanger whereas another one is keeping it folded on a shelf. yet, it is important to understand that particular pieces of clothes should be stored on a hanger whereas for others folding is more preferable.

For example, hanging sweaters is a rather bad idea. Not only can they easily get stretched in pretty undesirable places making this clothes look rather unappealing, but it can also get torn rather easily with the hacks of hangers. In addition to it, sweaters stored on hangers can easily rub other garments which can increase their peeling of the material making them look worn out even if you do not wear them frequently.

It is also crucial to pay your attention to the size and shape of hangers. Both too small and too large ones can cause stretching of the material adding deformations looking like bobbles on the surface of the fabric.

There is also no sense in hanging several shirts on the same hanger. Hanging clothes allows you to keep the effects of ironing for a longer time and you will lose it fast while storing your clothes like this.

It is also recommended to store dresses, skirts and trousers on hangers while for jeans folding will be better.

Finally, if you are going to put some seasonal clothes away, it will be a good idea to use special cover for this purpose which will protect your clothes from dirt, dust and humidity. It certainly necessary in the case of the clothes made of particularly expensive materials such as silk.

Other tips for taking care of your clothes

There are many obvious things you can easily do to keep your clothes appealing for a longer time. Here are some suggestions.

Certainly, one of the simplest things you can do is resigning from cooking in your favourite garments. Even if you are careful enough not to make it stained, you should not do it at least for the sake of preventing it from absorbing all of the smells of the food you are cooking. Actually, such smells can reside in the fabric for a rather long time since the aromatic substances are usually vapouring with water and oils. The latter ones can preserve the smells really well so you might need to wash your clothes even when it is clean just for the sake of getting rid of the smells of food.

As a result, you will need to wash your clothes more frequently which will speed up its wearing out. Actually, here comes the next tip: resign from washing your clothes too frequently. Certainly, you might want to just fresh it up. If it is the case, a good idea will be just rinsing with cold water with a gentle washing product instead of going through an entire washing process.

Another useful recommendation is for people who wear make up. If the clothes you are going to wear should be put on you through your head like a pullover or a T-shirt, put it on first and work on your makeup afterwards. If you do not have to pull the garment on yourself through your head, you should first finish your makeup and then put the clothes on. This will minimise the risks of getting your clothes dirty with cosmetics which can actually cause stains rather difficult for washing.