Things you shouldn’t do on social networks

Many people use their profiles on social networks on a regular basis publishing tons of information about themselves without having second thoughts about the possible consequences. Yet, it will be sensible to limit the amount of photos, videos and posts you are sharing with the world even if your account is private. Here is a list of things you really shouldn’t do on social networks if you want to avoid some unpleasant situations.

Criticising your employer or complaining about your work

Undeniably, your personal profile on the social network is your private place and, at least in theory, you are allowed to express yourself there. Still, it is insensible to suppose your employer will never see what you are telling about him or her online.

You can find many unpleasant stories of people being fired because of their posts about their work on social networks. Even if some of these cases seem to be totally unfair, they are true and no one knows whether your employer checks the social profiles of the staff. Thus, providing you don’t want something like this happen to you, do not be so open online about your negative experiences at work.

Boasting about your material possessions

One of the most careless behaviour online is boasting about your money. If you are happy to possess a luxurious house, an expensive car and a gazillion of pricey items such as jewellery and gadgets, there is no need to attract thieves who use social networks for spotting their potential victims.

It is even more thoughtless to telling everyone online that you have left abroad for holidays. Thus, burglars will also know when you are not at home.

On top of that, boasting with your material possessions is not appealing to other people especially if it is done on frequent occasions. If you feel an urge to boast about something, you can show the world some other non-material achievements.

Making reports about having a great time with alcohol

Needless to say many of us indulge ourselves into drinking alcohol on a regular basis. Still, it doesn’t mean we should demonstrate photos and videos about us being involved in this exciting activity.

Again, there were many cases of people being fired especially from quite high positions because their employers had come across such materials, however, this is not the only reason why you should not post such information online. Actually, this is something very private and shouldn’t be presented to the world in the first place.

Posting an abundance of photos and videos of your children

There is nothing strange in the wish of parents to show their beloved children and their successes to their friends and acquaintances and social networks allow us to make it in the simplest way. Even though such a possibility seems to be attractive, think about using it twice.

First of all, boasting about your children on social networks is downright dangerous. It is difficult to predict who can have access to your posts. Unfortunately, sometimes, the public might turn to be rather aggressive people or even mentally unhealthy people who definitely should not be able to see your children. The situation becomes even worse if you also have some contact information in your profile which can be used for finding the localisations visited regularly by your children.

Another reason why you should not post the photos and videos of your young children is simply that they haven’t got an opportunity to agree or disagree with it. In several years your child might be rather disappointed by the fact such private photos have been seen by tens or even hundreds of acquaintance on the social network you are using.

Inviting your friends and acquaintance to join groups, chats or games without asking them beforehand

Many people find getting endless notifications about invitations to chats, games and groups rather irritating. If you do not want to annoy your friends on the social network, ask them first whether they are interested in joining these groups or chats. This is a simple rule of courtesy everyone using social services should remember about.

Keep these recommendations on using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks and you will be able to avoid many unpleasant situations.