Start praising yourself right now

Everyone loves being praised. This makes is feel better, more valued and also motivates us to do even more. Yet, adults can hardly hear any praise from other people which does not mean you should be deprived from all of the positive effects of being praised. You can start praising yourself which will also be very helpful. Note, you should praise yourself not only for some great successes. Start doing it with small things which you normally take for granted.

Praise yourself for overcoming yourself

There are some things we do not particularly like doing or are feeling really concerned about a need to do them. For example, you are an introvert who has to participate in a conference which might make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Yet, you are doing it even though such a behaviour is not typical for you. This is certainly something deserving being praised for.

May be you have never been crazy about sports but you have finally decided to include this activity into your daily routine. Such overcoming yourself is something you should appreciate yourself for.

Praise yourself for doing daily tasks

The life of Each of us is full of various daily tasks which can hardly be your achievements. We just have to do them and there is nothing special in these things. Yet, in the reality, waking up early, being punctual, cleaning your house regularly are all the examples of things which really require your discipline and will power no matter how simple they are. In orde5r to complete thus simple tasks, one should really fight with procrastination or ignore tiredness or bad mood. Why not to appreciate it and praise yourself for doing all of these crucial, albeit small things?

Praise yourself for taking care of yourself

Praise yourself for taking care of yourself. Unfortunately, the modern world is overwhelmed with a propaganda of being workaholics as the only way to becoming successful people. Many people especially those who are particularly ambitious believe they do not need any time for their hobbies, their health or just for having a proper rest. The same goes for people who tend to live for others and to put the needs of those they love above their own needs. In both of these cases, people should introduce healthy limits. If you manage to do it, you should certainly praise yourself for it whether it is cooking a healthy meal, enjoying a workout, having a sufficient sleep or making a home beauty ritual.

Praise yourself for learning from your own mistakes

No one like making mistakes, albeit, it is inevitable. Even if you are not doing anything in your life protecting yourself from mistakes, it is itself a mistake which you might regret in the future.

First of all, you should really appreciate the fact you are doing something which lies out of the field of your expertise or comfort zone. This is something new for you and you might make mistakes but the mere fact you are doing it deserves respect.

Secondly, having a healthy attitude to your mistakes such as analysing them and looking for a solution or remembering them in such a way that you will not repeat them in the future is also something you should praise yourself for. This is a great approach called proactive. As you can imagine, this will help you to grow rather than the search for other people whom you could blame for your mistakes or feeling high on being sorry for yourself and not being able to move on.

Doing more than you have to

The crazy rhythm of the modern life combined with short-time gratification coming with technology deprived many people from having hobbies. Actually, so many people are extremely tired after work that they do not want to think about anything else rather than staring to the screen of their TV sets or scrolling the posts on social networks without a stop. Even mere reading a book becomes difficult for us as this activity also engages our brain which so desperately wants to have a break.

If you happen to persist with your hobby despite of such a situation, you should praise yourself for it. Really, if you do not work in your garden or learn painting, no one will fine you for that. It is possible that there might be no such a person who knows about your hobby at all. Still you are doing it allowing your favourite activity to enrich you and fill your life.

The same can be said about people who are willing to keep on studying even though it is not required by their work. May be it will be useful at your current job but no one expects you to do it. No matter what its, extending your knowledge is always something you should respect in yourself and can genuine praise oneself for.

Respecting the boundaries of other people

Respecting others by not criticising them, intervening into their lives with unwanted recommendations and help, being punctual while meeting others and not overwhelming them by asking them for help when you can make do on your own are some of the examples for having respect to others which is certainly worth praise.