How can you save money living in a big city?

Needless to say, big cities have a lot of opportunities for people of different ages. You can find an interesting and rewarding job more easily in a big city while the options of entertainment available to city residents are also impressive.

Yet, life in the big cities and especially, capitals, can be rather expensive. This is particularly obvious if you do not own your own flat or house and have to rent one. In fact, in such a situation you have to earn even more if you want to feel all of the positive sides of being a city-dweller and especially, if you also want to save something for pricey purchases.

This article will give you several ideas on the ways you can minimise the amount of money you are spending on your city life every month. Of course, these recommendations are not secret and you might have already used most of them in your life. Still, it is good to refresh your knowledge and find something new.


There are many ways in which you can save money if you are living in a large city and entertainment is one of the most obvious things. Of course, you do not need entertainment thus much as food, transportation or clothes. Yet, entertainment should remain in your life for sure. Otherwise, there is no sense in living in a big city in the first place.

Actually, there are several options which can allow you benefit from city attractions without paying too much money on them.

First of all, check free events available in your city. Undeniably, the larger the city you are living in, the more interesting event you can find there. Check the websites related to your city as well as groups and communities on social networks. You might come across a variety of free concerts, lessons, exhibitions and many other types of events.

Do not forget about websites with discounts. Check these websites regularly and you will have a chance to find many attractive discounts not only for events but also for shops and restaurants.

If you enjoy going to concerts, it will be sensible to purchase tickets beforehand. In such a way you will avoid paying too much for the tickets and will also have a chance to choose from many seating options. As far as you know, the closer the time is to the event, the less cheap seats remain. At the same time, you will have to pick among the worst seating options if you are too late with getting your ticket.

If you did not manage to purchase your ticket earlier, you can also give it a try right before the event. Some services allow people just to make a reservation. It might happen that some has made such a reservation and failed to pay for tickets.

Finally, you should also consider an opportunity to enjoy various events and attractions for a lower price during working days. Whether it is a session at the swimming pool or a visit to bowling, you will be able to save money if you choose these attractions during working days rather than weekends.


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the things draining your budget out of money if you are living in a big city is transport. Depending on the locations of your home and work, you might be spending a lot of time in the transport.

Of course the simplest thing you can do to save your money is to go on foot, however, it might not be possible in many situations. If you prefer public transport, it is obvious you should consider various monthly tickets. In all likelihood, you city also has such an option. Certainly, everything depends on the frequency of using public transport. Sometimes it might still be cheaper to purchase one-trip tickets.

There are some more recommendations for those people who use the service of taxi drivers. A sensible idea is to install the apps of all of the taxi companies of your city and check the price for the route you are interested in. It might happen that some trips will be cheaper with one company whereas others will be cheaper with another one. There are lots of factors determining the price for a trip with a taxi driver, that is why there is no single leader.

If you have a driving license and you are not coming back from a party right now where you have had some alcohol, you can also choose carsharing. If you still have not tried this popular service, you should know it is a form of a short-time car renting. Usually, the owners of such cars available for renting are individuals rather than companies. The prices for this service can be significantly lower than the costs of a trip with a taxi driver.

Yet, there are also some issues you should be aware of. The major one is the difference in the establishing of the price for the service. With carsharing, you will have to pay for the time you have been using a car, whereas taxis generally take money for the distance they have transported you. As you can imagine, getting in to a traffic jam might boost the price for using a car with carsharing.